the divorce is such a stupid secret to hide too.. i mean my mom is an upper middle class western woman literally who cares if she has had a divorce. i wouldn’t care at all if i had just known about it but because it’s been this big secret and now i’ve accidentally found out. what was the point? my uncle it said it was probably because not to set a bad example but what kind of example has she set now?? lie to your children for years about meaningless shit? create a situation where none of us trust each other and nobody talks ever? there is a lot of stuff in my personal life my parents don’t know because i’ve never felt comfortable talking to them about personal things and that’s no coincidence

i mean it doesn’t sound like a big deal but it really annoys me that she lied to me about it.. sometimes i cannot stand this 50s style family where nobody can ever talk about anything, like how i can’t tell anyone my brother has autism.. he’s not ashamed of it, i’m not ashamed of it but my parents really are and they were in denial about it for years. now nobody is allowed to mention the word autism in our family

so i was talking to my uncle (i’ve been staying at his house for a week) and he was said “so does your mother ever talk about her first husband with you?” what??? i didn’t even know my mom was married before my dad. also i think she may have met my dad while she was still married??

the person sitting next to me has giant headphones and she’s singing a song but it’s really off-key and i keep trying to recognize the song but i don’t think i know it


I Just Want To Make Love To You | Etta James

hahaha this fucking university they fucked up my whole schedule and now i can’t reach them

i mean it’s always possible i’m making stuff up in my head because after four months in the states i feel like i’ve forgotten how to speak my native language. anyways i am CONFUSED

the word aesthetic really confuses me because in hebrew it means cleanliness/neat appearance (אסתטיקה) but that’s not what it means on tumblr??

another weird thing about america: the large crowd gathered around macy’s before the opening so they can all stampede in the second the doors open. currently blogging to you from the floor of a post office deep inside a macy’s as every single employee who passes by me asks me if something is wrong (this is another weird thing about america)